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Requesting a Quote

To request a quote for aluminum, bronze, or iron castings please supply the following information. This information is necessary to expedite the quotation process and to allow for accurate pricing:

  • If tooling exists, provide tool description.
  • Estimated weight, or actual weight if casting already exist.
  • Sample casting, if any exist.
  • Blueprints, standard or metric are acceptable.
  • Willingness of your company to allow for design changes?
  • Alloy specifications.
  • Heat treat specifications.
  • Estimated annual quantities.
  • Release quantities.

Also include any value added operations such as painting, galvanizing, machining, etc., that are to be supplied. (If machining is required, we must have a machining print). Any specifications not shown on the drawing (engineering specs., painting specs., etc.) must be sent along with the request for quotation.

Travis Pattern & Foundry can receive your print(s) via E-Mail using the contact form above, via Fax at (509)467-6465, UPS, FEDEX or by U.S. Mail.

Travis Pattern and Foundry

1413 E. Hawthorne Rd.

Spokane, WA 99218

Phone: (509) 466-3545

Fax: (509) 467-6465

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Facility: 170,000 sq. ft. campus
Pattern Shop: Fully equipped
Rapid Prototyper: Dimension SST 1200ES
FEA: Flow 3D
Molding: 4 - Hunter Automatic Molding Machines
  1 - Rollover
  4 - Squeezers
Common Flask Sizes: 36" x 36"
  30" x 32"
  30" x 30"
  24" x 48"
  24" x 46"
  20" x 24"
  The above are the outside dimensions of the flask. For actual usable area subtract 4" from all dimensions. For example, a 30" x 32" flask has a 26" x 28" workable area.
Cores: C02 and Shell
Heat Treating: 7 - Heat treat ovens
  4 - Quench tanks
  6 - Ageing ovens
Machining Centers: 4 - Haas VF2 Vertical Mill (4 axis)
  6 - Haas VF-3 Vertical Mill (4 axis)
  2 - Haas VF-5 Vertical Mill (4 axis)
Lathes: 1 - Haas SL-10 Lathe
  2 - Haas SL-30 Lathe
  4 - Haas ST-30 Lathe
  1 - Haas ST-40 Lathe
Smelter: 2 smelters
Quality Control: Spectrograph (Jarrell ash)
  Brinnell and Rockwell tester
  Parametric modeling software
  Flow 3D

Travis Ironworks

3808 N. Sullivan Rd., Bldg 8Q

Spokane Valley, WA 99216

Phone: (509) 924-6464

Fax: (509) 924-0978

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Facility: 80,000 sq. ft.
Pattern Shop: Fully equipped
Molding: 1-16" International Squeezer
  1-16" SPO Squeezer
  1-20" X 16" Beardsley-Piper Automatic Molding Machine
  1-32" X 30" Beardsley-Piper Automatic Molding Machine
  1-250 LB/M. No-Bake Continuous Mixers
  1-500 LB/M. No-Bake Continuous Mixers
  Floor Molding - Any size up to a finished casting weight of 1500 lbs.
Quality Control: Spectrograph
  Carbon Silicon Analyzer
  Brinell and Rockwell Tester
  Sand Lab